General Servicing in Melbourne

Our select team of mechanic experts at Caressive Auto Haus are passionate about European auto and automotive engineering and are proud to provide industry-leading vehicle-care services in Melbourne. 
Our experienced mechanic team offer a comprehensive range of automotive services and solutions, offering dealership quality work without the expensive price tag. In addition, we can provide manufacturer and logbook maintenance that won’t affect your warranty, making us the best alternative to dealership service in Melbourne. If you live in Melbourne and are daunted by the search results for car mechanics near me, then choose a name with a track record for automotive excellence; choose our Caressive Auto Haus team.

As well as European automotive, our state-of-the-art mechanic workshop is equipped to service all vehicle models and makes, including:

Essential service

Our essential mechanic services start at $250 and include:

● Replacement of oil and oil filter

● A detailed 110-point inspection of the entire vehicle

● A detailed report of the mechanic’s findings

Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance are among the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s reliability and longevity.

VIP essential plus service

If you want a more extensive service for your treasured vehicle, then our VIP essential plus service is ideal for your European or performance car.

 If you are online in Melbourne searching “car mechanic near me”, save yourself time and money by choosing a local mechanic you can trust; call our toll-free number today, or send your inquiry via email.

Starting at $440, this affordable, comprehensive service includes:

● Engine flush and BG engine performance restoration

● Replacement of engine oil filter

● Sump plug washer replacement

● Addition of BG MOA engine oil supplement

● Windscreen washer service and solution

● Addition of BG 44K fuel system cleaner

● Detailed 110-point inspection and report

● Tyre inspection and rotation

● Review and test the cooling system

● Brake fluid inspection

● Battery test and report

● Complimentary water bottle

● Courtesy Car

● Wash and vac your vehicle

Log book service

If you have a car under manufacturer or dealer warranty, we can offer a service that meets all criteria, often at a lower price than most dealership workshops. 

Whether you have a premium European vehicle or any other make or model, we can ensure a five-star service that won’t break the bank.

Our extensive logbook services offer:

● Complete service that maintains your new vehicle factory warranty

● logbook certified and stamped without objection

● Includes six months of roadside assistance

● Complete vehicle examined as per manufacturer's requirements

● Costs specific to your vehicle

European Car mechanic

Our passionate European car mechanics have extensive experience across a full range of European makes, models and vintages, so you can book into our prestige workshop with complete confidence. Examples of our complete range of European manufacturer mechanic automotive services include:
● Audi
● Mercedes
● Volkswagen and much more

We use recommended OEM and high-quality A/M replacement parts to ensure your vehicle is reliable and runs at optimal performance. All work comes with our quality mechanical and customer service guarantee, and we take pride in meeting and exceeding all client expectations. To find out more about our full-spectrum European auto-service and repair solutions, call 1300 511 550 or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will reply promptly.

Other car mechanic services

Our highly experienced mechanics strive to remain at the cutting edge of auto-care solutions, using industry-leading equipment, tools and parts. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive range of other mechanical and automotive services.

Systems flushing, cleaning and servicing

We provide a complete range of flushing and cleaning services to ensure your fluids are clean and leak-free so that your vehicle components operate reliably and at full capacity.

Brake fluid flush

It is recommended by most manufacturers that your brake fluid be flushed and replaced approximately every two years. Ensure your car’s most critical safety system is in tip-top performance and have one of our brake system experts access and service your vehicle’s braking systems.

Coolant flush

Have your coolant scheduled for a performance inspection and flush to ensure your car engine stays at the ideal temperature year-round. 

Don’t get caught out in the summer heat; book your vehicle for a radiator and cooling system service today.

DSG service

DSG transmissions, popular in European models, require a routine service, especially on vehicles used for heavy-duty applications and towing.

We understand European transmission design like few other services in the Melbourne region. If your car features a DSG transmission, book your service with a mechanic in the know and ensure your vehicle is always running smoothly.

Diesel intake cleaning

Our mechanics use the BG Diesel ISC® Induction System Cleaner, which powers through oil deposits and unburned fuel residue left behind by diesel exhaust systems.

Our diesel intake cleaning service ensures your diesel vehicle is always up for the job and reliable on all terrain.

DPF cleaning

Your diesel vehicle’s exhaust system can become restricted when your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is blocked. This is often caused by:

  • Excessive short trips
  • The wrong engine oil
  • Excess diesel soot
  • Oil leaks from turbochargers
  • Damage to the DPF and more

It is common for DPF issues to be misdiagnosed, potentially resulting in expensive and possibly unnecessary part replacements.

Have your DPF system assessed and serviced by an experienced diesel professional; call one of our diesel mechanics today to book a DPF inspection and cleaning service.

Direct injection cleaning

Your fuel injectors play a critical role in your engine’s overall performance. Our mechanics use the industry-leading BG PlatinumTM Fuel Service Supply Tool.

The benefits of using the BG261 solution include:

  • Improved engine performance
  • Restoration of engine power
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduction of harmful emissions

Reclaim your engine power by booking in for a direct engine injection cleaning service with an experienced car mechanic.

Air conditioning sanitation and servicing

Australia is a country of weather extremes, especially in the peak of Victoria’s Summer and Winter months, making a functioning airconditioning system a necessity more than a luxury.

We provide complete air conditioning, sanitation and servicing across all makes and models to ensure your vehicle is prepared for Australia’s ever-shifting seasonal climates.

Diagnostic testing

It is almost impossible to get a helicopter view of all potential mechanical and systems issues without a full diagnostic check on modern vehicles.

While roadside assistance can get you out of a tight spot, a full diagnostic check can uncover all underlying issues and prevent potential future breakdowns and underperformance issues.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools allow us to troubleshoot and solve issues across a broad range of vehicle makes and models, allowing us to provide lasting, cost-effective solutions for your car.

Brake services

Having a reliable braking system is critical to running a safe vehicle; however, many drivers have their brakes serviced later than they should, placing themselves and other drivers at potential risk of disaster.

Leaving your brakes to wear down to the discs can also create damage that significantly increases the bill for your brake work.

Our expert brake specialists can provide a premium brake service on all makes and models at highly competitive rates and offer affordable solutions to braking systems requiring extra attention.

Suspension repairs

Your suspension works overtime from when you leave your driveway, ensuring reliable steering performance and a smooth ride.

We offer a full spectrum of suspension inspection and replacement options from a wide range of O.E.M and quality A.M suspension systems to suit all makes and models of passenger, commercial and high-performance vehicles.

Tyre services, wheel alignments, and wheel balancing

Unroadworthy tyres cause thousands of car accidents per year on Australian roads. Having worn tyres can result in a range of severe and potentially fatal accidents from issues such as:

  • Lack of traction
  • Tyre blow-outs
  • Increased chance of tyre punctures and flats
  • Decreased braking efficiency
  • Higher skidding risks and much more 

We are a 100% independent distributor with unbiased access to more than 100,000 tyre brands and models, allowing us to offer our customers a wide range of options across all makes, models and personal budgets.

As well as tyres and wheel balancing, we also offer precision wheel alignment services on all vehicle types.

If your wheels are due for tyre replacement, balancing, and alignment, call and book your vehicle today and find out why more Melbournians are choosing Caressive Auto Haus as their tyre, wheel balancing, and alignment provider.

Power steering reconditioning

Your power steering works hard every time you are in your vehicle, and although it may have never missed a beat, your power steering still requires servicing and TLC.

Our team of power steering experts can provide cost-effective services on all types of power steering, including:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • AWD
  • 4WD
  • Utes
  • Vans 
  • Trucks and more

If your power steering does unfortunately fail, our mechanics work to rebuild your system to save you as much money as they can by installing reputable, high-quality replacement parts.

Bosch® battery service

Bosch has been a leading name in automotive excellence for over 85-years, and their batteries come with our highest recommendation.

Starting at $110, these affordable batteries have been designed and fabricated to meet the ever-increasing energy demands of modern vehicles.

Our expert mechanics are proud to offer Bosch’s comprehensive line-up of maintenance-free automotive batteries and can help you choose the most reliable, cost-effective battery for your vehicle.

Wiper blade replacement

Wiper blades are an often overlooked component of a vehicle; that is, until a heavy downpour where visibility is all but zero. 

While the quality of wiper blades may seem trivial to the layman, wiper blades are far from created equal. Our selection of affordable, high-performance wiper blades will ensure you can drive confidently in all conditions.

Our expert mechanics will ensure a proper fit to optimise their performance and ensure you maintain visibility at all times, whether in the rain or using your car’s window cleaning system.

Certificates of roadworthiness

The Victorian Government is dedicated to keeping vehicles on our roads safe and reliable. Cars require a certificate of roadworthiness (RWC) for registration to ensure they meet government-mandated safety standards and VIC Roads specifications.

This is a requirement of either the seller or buyer of a car before its sale. Failure to provide an RWC or frauding the system can result in heavy fines and potential further legal action. 

RWCs can only be provided by licenced testers, like our Caressive Auto Haus mechanics. Starting at $220, our certified RWC mechanics can provide roadworthy certificates on all Victorian vehicles, including passenger, commercial, vintage and high-performance vehicles.

Crash repairs

Our Caressive Auto Haus team of crash repair and bodywork specialists have developed a reputation for excellence among Melbourne’s crash repair community.

We work directly with and for some of Melbourne’s most respected panel shops, including:

  • Motor One
  • Footscray Accident Repair
  • Perfect Edge Panels
  • Euro Haus Panel Repairs and more

Using state-of-the-art wheel alignment, ADAS and geometry testing equipment, you can be sure your vehicle is in the best hands and receive accurate, cost-effective and transparent quotes for your vehicle crash repairs.

We affiliate with most leading car insurance providers, including:

  • Aami
  • Allianz
  • Budget Direct
  • IAG
  • National Windscreens
  • Youi
  • NRMA
  • QBE
  • RACV
  • Suncorp
  • WFI and more

As well as major and minor crash repairs, we also offer a range of other bodywork and detailing solutions, including:

  • Headlight repair and restoration
  • Car wrapping
  • Ceramic and graphene paint protection
  • Luxury pre-sale detailing

For more information about our comprehensive crash repair services and bodywork solutions, call our help-desk, or send your inquiry via email.


Fleet management

If you rely on your business fleet for daily operations, unforeseen breakdowns and vehicle faults can derail productivity and profits and potentially harm client relations.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive fleet management solutions to ensure your work vehicles are kept in top condition and are reliable throughout the business year. For more information about our fleet management services, contact our help desk, or send your inquiry via email.

Caressive Auto Haus: Excellence in automotive care

Our Caressive Auto Haus team is eager and waiting to provide you with industry-leading auto-care in Melbourne.

We are located at 458 Geelong Rd, West Footscray. You can contact us via our toll-free number on 1300 511 550 or send your inquiries via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.


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