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At Caressive Autohaus, we take care of your Audi as if it were our own. When you come to us for Audi servicing, our trained Melbourne European car mechanics will check your car thoroughly to ensure that it is in the best condition.

What does a routine Audi car service include?

It is important to monitor the health of your Audi to keep it running at its peak. These routine procedures will make sure that your car runs smoothly for years to come.

Oil changes

Oil changes depend on a particular vehicle model or engine. We recommend an oil change every 8,000 or 12,000 kilometres, despite Audi’s suggestion of 16,000 kilometres. Why more often than this?

Due to improved technology and motor oil quality, most car manufacturers now recommend longer oil change intervals. However, for your vehicle’s long-term care, you should have its oil changed more frequently than these suggested intervals. That’s because the more you expect from your Audi, the better you should treat it.

Therefore, we suggest oil changes every 12,000 kilometres for cars under 100,000 total kilometres and every 8,000 kilometres for cars with more than 100,000 kilometres.

Audi performance models endure more rigorous demands. We recommend oil changes every 8,000 kilometres regardless of how many kilometres your car has accumulated. 

Cabin and air filters

Audi recommends changing air and cabin filters every 30,000 kilometres. However, geography, climate, season, driving habits and other variables may mean you have to change them more or less often.

We suggest that you have an Audi car mechanic inspect the status of your car’s filters each time you bring it for servicing to determine their condition. This is a more effective way to keep your car running smoothly rather than relying solely on accumulated kilometres.

Our Audi car specialist will check for any debris or residue that can suffocate your car’s systems, which can cause more damage to other components.

Fuel filters

A fuel filter’s job is to remove debris from the fuel inside the tank, which can damage high-pressure pumps, injectors and other components. It clears the path so that fuel flows freely at a predetermined rate.

Replacement intervals depend on a particular engine and whether a car uses diesel or petrol. Fuel filters for diesel engines are usually replaced every 60,000 kilometres, and petrol models at less frequent intervals.

Brake fluid

Your Audi’s brake fluid should be flushed and replaced every 48,000 kilometres or every three years, whichever comes first.

Coolant replacement

Dirt and rust particles form over time within the coolant system. They can clog the flow of coolant, which can cause extensive damage to the radiator, hose, heater core, thermostat and other coolant system parts.

We recommend having your car’s coolant replaced every 60,000 kilometres or whenever an Audi mechanic replaces any coolant system part. Your trusted Audi car specialist should ensure to flush the system to remove any debris and protect the coolant parts.

Here at Caressive Autohaus, we only use G12 or G13 coolant for Audi cars. You can distinguish this coolant due to its pink or almost light-purple colour.

Spark plugs

Replacing spark plugs at the right time is crucial in minimising damage to other components that can happen when worn plugs cause misfires. Replacement schedules differ for each engine, so make sure you pay attention to your car’s spark plug replacement time.

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