Trusted European Car Servicing Specialist in Melbourne

When it comes to European car servicing, entrust your car only to a Euro car specialist like Caressive Autohaus. As an accessible car care centre based in West Footscray, we have become one of Melbourne’s leading European car service providers. We are happy to have serviced over 1,000 cars since making our services available to Melburnians.

We offer a range of European car services

Our customers can vouch for the quality of our German car servicing offers, from professional car repairs to comprehensive routine maintenance servicing. Some of the services we provide include:


Essential service for as low as $250

Every essential thing your car needs to keep it safe and reliable while on the road is right here. This includes engine oil and filter replacement and a detailed 110-point inspection. These are the most basic services you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly so you reach your destination safely.


VIP essential plus from $440

This is the best value option that we can offer European car owners in Melbourne to ensure your safety on the road. We will test the condition of your prestige car’s brake fluid, battery and cooling system, as well as inspect and rotate your tyres. We’ll also replace engine oil, oil filter, and sump plug washer, amongst other things. 

We think you’ll appreciate that we use only the highest quality European auto parts and accessories compatible with your car. Fuchs, BG Products and Bar’s Bugs are just some of the brands that we use. We’ll also throw in free car wash and vacuuming with our VIP essential plus package.


Log book service

Our prestige car servicing offers include log book service – a series of services recommended by your car’s manufacturer, generally every six months or 10,000 kilometres. The cost of this service is specific to a vehicle.

While every log book service inclusion depends on the car’s make and model, we offer the following in our service:

  • We make a great effort to maintain your car’s factory warranty so it doesn’t get void.
  • We’ll stamp or mark your car’s log book after each service.
  • Six months of roadside assistance

Direct Injection Cleaning

Direct injection cleaning is necessary to ensure fuel efficiency and engine performance, and most especially, to reduce harmful emissions. Caressive Autohaus can remove carbon build-up on your valves by spraying directly into the intake using the BG Platinum Fuel Service Supply Tool. It takes only 30 to 45 minutes to loosen the deposits.


Diesel intake cleaning

Diesel engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) are notoriously known to produce fuel residues and carbon deposits. In addition, they clog up the EGR valve and intake manifold, which restricts airflow, decreases fuel economy and affects the overall performance of your car’s engine. We’ll help you keep your Euro car in tip-top shape by cleaning its diesel intake. 


Roadworthiness Certificate

Are you thinking of selling or transferring ownership of your car? You’ll be needing a Certificate of Roadworthiness from a licensed tester. This certificate will say that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and can be driven legally on Melburnian roads. We can test your car and issue this certificate for you.

Visit our workshop in West Footscray today.

Feel free to visit Caressive Autohaus at 458 Geelong Rd, West Footscray, Melbourne 3012 to learn more about our European car servicing offers. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at or call us at 1300 511 550 today.


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