Professional Mercedes Car Servicing in Melbourne

If you spent thousands of dollars more on a car, it naturally follows that you would want that car to be in peak condition at all times. While money is not an object to some when it comes to car maintenance, awareness sometimes becomes a problem. Fortunately, Mercedes servicing in Melbourne is fairly easy to comprehend. The car itself will also remind you when it is time to take it to a Mercedes service centre.

When to call a Mercedes car specialist?

When you see a single service light up on your dashboard, it means your car is ready to see a Mercedes car specialist. Depending on your vehicle model, it could be the words “Service A due in X Kilometres” that you see. Either way, this tells you that your vehicle is due for the Mercedes-Benz Service A. 

What is Mercedes-Benz Service A?

Mercedes Service A signifies your car’s first visit for a check-up. This happens after you have driven your Benz for approximately 15,000, 20,000 or 25,000 kilometres (depending on the model) or one year, whichever occurs first. 

Newer Mercedes-Benz cars feature the Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System that measures the time and distance between service intervals. This system determines when it is time for Mercedes car servicing.

Service inclusions:

Your knowledgeable Mercedes mechanic carefully takes into account your car’s specific features by identifying its model and year of production. They then service your car according to the relevant service sheet.

What comes next after Mercedes-Benz Service A?

After Service A comes Service B. This is after another 20,000 kilometres or one year after the previous service, whichever comes first. Unlike Service A, Service B is not time-dependent and varies with the specifics of each car. Your car’s Flexible Service System will determine the exact time for the next Mercedes mechanic service.

Service inclusions:

At Caressive Autohaus, we carefully consider your car’s specific features by identifying its model and year of production. Then we service your car according to the relevant service sheet.

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Can you check your car’s service due date?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to wait for the indicator to tell you that your car needs to be serviced. All you have to do is go to the “Service” setting on the dashboard and click “Assyst Plus.” This will then tell you how many more Kilometres to go before your next Service A or Service B.

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