Volkswagen Car Servicing and Mechanic in Melbourne

The quality of German engineering and technology that goes into your Volkswagen makes it the premium car that it is. That is why when it comes to Volkswagen servicing, the same care and expertise should be observed to keep your vehicle running properly. 

Take it to a trusted Volkswagen service centre in Melbourne to ensure that your car is safe to use. You can choose from two types of VW car servicing: Volkswagen fixed servicing or Volkswagen flexible servicing.

Volkswagen fixed servicing

This service is recommended if you drive under 16,000 kilometres a year or make short, frequent trips around the city. The way you drive (heavy acceleration and braking) also determines the frequency of servicing your car requires.

For new VW cars (0 to 3 years)

For older VW cars (more than 3 years)

Volkswagen flexible servicing

Flexible servicing is recommended if you drive more than 40 kilometres each day or regularly travel long distances, especially at constant speeds with low vehicle and engine loads. Your car’s service light will tell you when it is time for your next visit to a VW service centre. You should also monitor your engine oil level to know if you need to see a Volkswagen car specialist.

Our mechanics at our Footscray workshop only use genuine Volkswagen parts and manufacturer-approved tools when servicing your car.

What does it mean if you see ‘Service Now’?

The ‘Service Now’ alert on your dashboard means it is time to bring your car to a VW car specialist. Your car’s computer counts the kilometres you have travelled, letting you know it is ready for its next servicing or needs an oil change. The VW mechanic resets this counter once he has completed servicing your car.

What does a Volkswagen car servicing include?

Our specially trained mechanics will thoroughly inspect your car to make sure it is running safely and smoothly. A Volkswagen mechanic can either perform minor or major checks, which include:

  • Engine oil
  • Oil and air filters
  • Steering and brakes
  • Brake fluid and coolant levels
  • Lights, tyres (including alignment) and exhaust
  • Shock absorbers and suspension
  • Battery

How do I know when my car needs an oil change?

Tracking your car’s visit to a service centre will give you an idea of when it’s time to have an oil change. Write down the date of each visit as well as the accumulated kilometres. This way, you can calculate when you should take your Volks for its next oil change.

Visit a VW car service centre in West Footscray.

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